febrero 26, 2011

Mouse in my dream

I just remembered that the night before last night I had a dream wherein I actually ended up kind of screaming and waking up when seeing a mouse in the dream kind of jumping towards me – which is fascinating because it reveals that I am still a bit freaked out by rodents such as mice for example thus


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear mice and react within my dream towards these rodents that are basically revealing to me that I haven’t yet let go of the fears that I have created towards them in separation of myself here


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to simply scream in the dream and eventually wake me up when being taken over by a fright and thus being overridden by the image of the mouse in my dream which I immediately reacted to in fear and eventually ‘escaping’ the point of confronting this fear of mine


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be taken over by a fear and scream/shout about it instead of calming myself down in breath to not go into immediate reaction and ‘taking the easy way out’ within the dream..


I also dreamed of my family, being taken over by the same nagging thoughts of how they were looking for some fancy dresses or some kind for some occasion and I would be like yawning and just wanting to leave the scene while actually being looking for Sunette in the dream which is an indication of where I am still reacting to the entire ‘play out’ that my family represents – which had been present the past days – and how in the dream I was seeking Sunette and even finding look-alike people but it wasn’t her so it could be a point to look at in relation to seeking a point of separation when being with my family, a point of resort, a point I can ‘run to’ when I see myself as an ‘alien’ within my family construct -

This point I’ll explore further – thanks

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