marzo 30, 2013

Dream of the Tower of Success

I had a dream wherein there was this one single loft on a ‘tower’ like structure, a very tall one sustaining only that one place that everyone wanted to live in, there was a huge staircase in order to get there, I kept wondering how people were eager to climb it up every time that they would want to go in and out of the house, it really seemed highly unpractical.


I realized that there was an initial desire for me to get to know the inside. This links to a very ‘strong’ relationship I created while I was growing up – around 8 years old or less – wherein I would pray every day for us to win some kind of ‘lottery’ to live in what I considered a better house and a better area of the city. This house became ‘my dream’ and I would literally be obsessed about wanting it and desiring it, almost using ‘the law of attraction’ without knowing it and it all was linked to my desire to experience a ‘better living condition’ that I believed my house didn’t have.


So in the dream I was first quite bemused by it and seeing all these people going up to look at it and hopefully ‘win it’ in a similar fashion to this house-lotto that I just explained. However it was also interesting because instead of allowing myself to be moved by the curiosity and what could have been an obvious drooling-process on my side to live in such place, I didn’t move myself by the desire. Instead I remember telling my aunt how I saw it unpractical and unsafe to have just one house in such a tall position, I would instead fear it falling over with strong winds – I was in a pool that was right at the base of this ‘tower’ where this loft was on top. I didn’t even get enough curiosity to go and see the insides, I realized how the illusion of ‘luxury’ was indeed just a fabrication of the experience in my mind and it was not worthy to pursue it.

So in essence it’s a cool point that I didn’t give in to what I would have usually reacted to with excitement and desire to live there, I saw the common sense and rather ostentatious nature of the place and deliberate fabrication to have people be so amused by it that they would be willing to climb this ridiculously long ‘staircase’ to get there, almost like the ‘stairway to heaven’ to get to this super luxury place – similar to what our ‘ladder of success’ involves.


This was transcending one of my self created desires, the one I formulated when I was like 16 years old and wanted to live in such a place in new york or else, being a writer and having the great life – the dream is gone, what remains is reality and dreams can only reveal the traces of the points not faced. This is the first dream I have a vivid recollection of in a long time, which was also linked to the ‘intellectual’ side that I had also linked to this ‘wealthy lifestyle’ and the people that supported that personality or aspect of my ‘old self,’ I also stopped ‘caring’ about what they would think by me rejecting the opportunity to live in such high-end loft and area,it all seemed too phoney, too staged, too ‘dream like’ and that is definitely what it was.

The energy that I would have experienced before as a driving force to ‘get somewhere’ was gone,  I instead kept myself to the moment of being at the ‘Earth level’ and not giving into wishful thinking and desires for ‘more’ or escalate any social stratus according to it.

That’s in essence the desire that keeps everyone running around the wheel: being moved by the belief of wealth, power and happiness according to money and social standards. Certainly not something that is Worthy of living for – what matters is what is here, what is and must be made available to everyone equally to LIVE.


So, cool for the dream, I was able to remain in common sense and not give into this illusion of power and ignore the abuse it currently represents like a literal house on the stick for some to aspire to get to without pondering why it is not available for everyone equally.



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